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Synchronous Mobile Music Network

After 4 years of R&D efforts, NI TEKNA has developed ARLOPUS – the unique synchronous music mobile network where users can play music at the same time on many various mobile devices, including iOS and Android.

With Arlopus users can create their own music happenings or join others, while Arlopus supports unlimited number of participants in a happening. The users can easily synchronize, no matter whether on Wi-Fi or on 3G or 4G. The degree of synchronization that is achieved with Arlopus is enough not to feel any delay among devices.

The potential of Arlopus is to enable creation of mass happenings, so we can imagine this on city squares, stadiums, sport arenas, on picnics etc. during which there can be organized various promotional campaigns too.

The apps are available for installation from iTunes and Play Store.

The technology used for ARLOPUS can be further developed and used as a SaaS for any type of applications that need synchronization ability and accuracy in the range below 10 milliseconds.

ARLOPUS is backed also by the Fund for Innovation and Technology Development of Macedonia, as it was chosen among the first seven projects to be supported with a co-financing grant for commercialization of an innovation.

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