Time and Material

In case your project is substantial and prolonged in time and when you expect extensions of the definitions and the scope, as the project advances, then you should consider working according to a so called Agile Methodology. You should also consider Agile Methodology in cases when you need your application to continually evolve in order to stay aware of the user needs and changing business practices. The budgets of such projects are expressed in terms of Time and Material.

Fixed Price Projects

In case you have worked something out by yourself or by some other team and you have well defined project specification with deliverables and criteria for acceptance, then in that case you can submit these specifications to us and we will make an estimate for you. So, the timeframe and the cost will be specified in advance. You will get a single point of contact with the project manager who will regularly update on the project deliverables and milestones, while we completely take care of the rest, so that you do not have to deal with the hassles of the daily management.

A Dedicated Team

In case when Time and Material is the model for you, you also have predictable budget, yet you also want to keep a full control of the team, in this case we will offer you a dedicated team with the required skill sets. You will have direct contact with our developers on a daily basis, through e-mail, phone or video conferencing and they will work integrated within your software development environment, as the rest of your teams.

We have a practice of sending our developers at our partner’s premises for short trainings, usually in the beginning of the cooperation, so that they quickly get to know in-depth the complex systems and procedures of our partner, while in the same time get to know each other well with the rest of the partner’s teams.

Our developers are reliable persons who can speak directly with your clients too, while they also speak perfect English without harsh accents. They are all obliged by non-disclosure, non-solicitation and non-compete clauses and we make sure that they are fully aware of these issues. Since we are in a close relationship with university graduates, we can always offer you smooth enlargement of your dedicated team. Our developers are carefully selected through a prolonged process during their studies and praxis stages at our company.


In some cases, when you are satisfied with the dedicated team that we have formed, organized and optimized it’s operations, and the team has grown and matured enough so that you plan to continue your operations on a much larger scale, perhaps offering other types of services and products as well, while preferring that you open a company branch, separate from our company, we could discuss to add this contractually stipulated intent of transferring the operation to your organization, at a later stage, either by remaining partners or as a buy-out option too.

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