Project Details

Integrated Web and Mobile Security System

Client: Neurologix , App myDeviceLock which has reached around 1.000.000 downloads so far.

We were developing an Integrated Web and Mobile Security System where the users login through a web-form or by using their mobile phones, while the administrator uses an administrative dashboard from where various reports can be reached and also various parameters can be set.

The dashboard offers a simple view into the data for the users of the system, statistics of login attempts and quick view of some security problems.
We have also developed a demo web application for collecting user data, like username and passwords with the biometrics data, like speed of typing.
We were doing the frontend of the application and connection to the server side (algorithms and biometric identification methods based on speed of typing and on signature recognition, were made by our partners in this project).
Technologies used in this project are HTML5/CSS3, jQuery and Kendo UI. We have been styling and further developing the Telerik Kendo UI to fit our needs.
We have also developed native iPhone and Android applications for collecting signatures from the users and sending the data through web-services. We have been doing the design and programming of these applications.

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