Discuss & Understand Ideas

In the beginning we concentrate on understanding the partner’s customer requirements. By discussing ideas and examining various possibilities together, we end up agreeing on a common objective, followed by prototyping and setting the ground for further development.

Approve & Develop

When we decide together with the client on what we need to accomplish and we have an approval to continue further, we sketch the specs, assemble a plan and start developing. We keep the client updated on a regular basis and work together towards the final product.

We are devoted to the partners and their projects, we understand and correct the mistakes of our partners or their collaborators and we have the ability to get down to work with minimal documentation (or where requirements are more fluid and there is less formality required).

Deploy & Support

After we review the code and test thoroughly, we deploy the apps and systems in stages, collect feedback from users, support our customers, maintain the product whenever necessary and further develop according to user remarks.

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