About our company

NI TEKNA - Intelligent Technologies, founded in 2008, is a Research and Development company based in Macedonia, specialized in working on complex problems that require certain advanced intelligent solutions. We are working in the fields of Business Intelligence, Image and Sound Processing, Natural Language Processing, combined with Web & Mobile development, thus providing a complete solution to our customers.


Our company employs highly motivated and trained specialists who are constantly improving their methods of work and who were at the top of their classes at university. NI TEKNA’s biggest capital is our team. At the moment at NI TEKNA there are 10 developers and few regular consultants. NI TEKNA Team is consisted of a PhD in Computer Sciences, 2 MSc in Intelligent Information Systems, 3 more MSc students in the same field, and 5 more graduated computer science engineers, most of them with 4 or more years of experience, all graduated at the most prestigious Computer Science Department in Macedonia, the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Skopje (FINKI). Some of our alumni continued their careers at postgraduate studies in France and USA. We also cooperate with a group of prominent scientists who are our close collaborators on various research tasks. Each year we have about a handful of 3-months internships at NI TEKNA.

Our Mission

“To help businesses realize creative ideas”
We have made concise our mission into our motto: Creating Genuine Solutions for Complex Problems. By this we mean creating new applications, by using and further developing the most advanced techniques at the moment, where the end result would seem as magic. Here we would like to quote Arthur Clark: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” We turn our customers’ ideas into such technologies.

Our Vision

“NI TEKNA is determined to continually advance state-of-the-art technologies while developing advanced products and solutions that will bring profit, growth and satisfaction to our customers.”
We help our customers by co-inventing together better solutions which achieve results that surpass their expectations.
Our vision for the research conducted at NI TEKNA is to move the frontiers of the cutting-edge research, advancing state-of-the-art technologies. We also aim to connect with other research oriented companies, research institutes and universities, to work jointly on scientific projects.

Our name

"Ni tekna" in Macedonian means "We have invented it!" or "It is our idea!".
Our innovation cycle and team-work is sublimated in the name:
Thinking and the moments of creation and invention are all individual acts.
First it was my idea, then after discussing it with my colleagues and after improving it and refining it together, we can proudly claim:
NI TEKNA - We have invented it!

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