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Pantheon Alerts

The purpose of the application “Pantheon Alerts” is to provide an additional functionality to Pantheon Information System. The application is intended for the managers, the people who make the important decisions in a company. It provides them full time support to the most important parameters of the business operations.

The managers don’t have to worry about the key business indicators all the time, “Pantheon Alerts” will send them an alert if there is an important change in the buisness parameters of the company.

The application is related to the Pantheon Dashboard, which offers a quick overview of the most important operations in the company. Using “Pantheon Alerts”, the user defines a condition for the alarm, setting a limit value for the key parameters of the predefined analysis, provided in Pantheon Dashboard. The user can also choose an alert action. He could receive either an alert SMS or an e-mail message. He then enters his phone number or his e-mail address and activates the alarm. There is a posibility for activating the alarm in particular period of time. If the end date of the alarm expires, the alarm will be automatically deactivated. The user can create new alarms, update or delete the existing ones. He can also examine the existing alarms at any time.

Technologies used

  • C#
  • Windows Forms

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