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Grandmas Games

NI TEKNA in cooperation with the Faculty of Computer Sciences and Engineering, University Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia has helped the promotion of the project named Grandma's Games.

Grandma's Games is a project which aims to overcome the negative aspects of the passive cyber games with creative usage of technology and developing a digital manual for grandma's games which would help revive the child games played in many generations. By doing this, the goals are: to realize the importance of games as a form for versatile development of the personality by learning the rolls for grandma's games from different regions; to inspire emotional and social development of pupils and students; and to build a communication bridge between pupils and students from different regions.

Our help was consisted of implementing the website for the project. We have also implemented the game named Zavor that uses the Kinect sensor for Xbox 360, thus stimulating the children to learn and play a traditional game with the newest technologies.

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