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Fraud Detection Engine

NI TEKNA team has been working on system within a highly innovative & patented mobile transaction processing system that natively supports mobile transactions services.

It ensures online, highly secure and cost-effective wireless transmission of the transaction messages from a point of sale to the processing center for further approval of payments and other transactions. This system provides that everybody can use their mobile phones to pay for products and services at various manned or unmanned points of sale, driving customer experience with convenient, reliable and secure payment option. The system is used in many countries for various businesses offering payment solution, work time management, loyalty programs etc. thus generating millions of transactions. NI TEKNA has completely designed and implemented the Fraud Detection Engine of the system. This engine provides security measures that protect customers and merchants from misuses of the system (e.g. in the case of stolen mobile phones or mobile terminals). The Fraud Detection Engine is able to detect any abnormal usage of the system in real time and provides means to notify authorized personnel and users of such cases, or to automatically take actions in order to prevent the misuse.

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