Project Details

Multilingual Verb Conjugation is a multilingual verb conjugation website, mainly aimed for school children and people that are learning foreign languages. At the moment, there are three languages that are implemented, English, Spanish and Portuguese, but we are planning to add other languages in the future. We have large database with over 15000 English verbs, over 9000 Spanish verbs and over 12000 Portuguese verbs.

When compared to other similar sites for verb conjugation, uniquely for this site is that the user can search a verb in any verb tense and in any person - he/she doesn't need to know the infinitive form of the verb. Also all verbs are conjugated in Affirmative , Negative and Interrogative form. For the English verb conjugation part, has a definition for every verb. It's important that there are translations of the verbs in more than 50 different languages, by using Google Translation API.
There are many interesting functionalities on the admin part too. There are lists of comments and suggestions that people are leaving on the website, and the owner of the website can publish them on the website in comments, on the home page or even on the Facebook "Multilingual Verb Conjugation" page, with only one click. Besides that, there is also a list of Facebook comments, which are actual posts collected from the "Multilingual Verb Conjugation" Facebook page. These posts, with only one click, can also be published on the home page or on the comments page of .
Besides the Google Analytics of the site, there is a Site Analytics part, where the Administrator can see the trafic of the website, visits for every language separately, both with a Chart and a Tabular view.
Administrator can edit the "Help" page, the "About us" page and the "Conjugate verbs" page (where all the rules for conjugation are explained), with a simple for use text editor found on the Admin part of the site.

Technologies used

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Database with over 15 000 English verbs with variations, over 9000 Spanish verbs, and over 12000 Portuguese verbs
  • Admin panel with facebook conectivity, web statistics and CMS
  • Facebook API
  • Google Translation API
  • WordNet
  • SEO
  • Google AdSense Integration

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